Sasha Group has entered the real estate market with a company - Sasha Consultancy - to help investors for their various needs. As a financial and real estate consultant, we ensure that right investment decisions are made by our clients to realize their real estate dreams.

From buying to selling or to investing - we guide our customers at every crucial juncture to enable them the best of ROI. Why to invest, where to invest, how to invest, what to invest and when to invest - we guide on all these vital issues to enrich the investors of every possible hue and worth. We also provide consultancy to the developers what to build, how to sell, how best to align their property estate with their strategy, streamline their property-related cost base, and upgrade their capabilities in facilities and property management. Our advice is fact-based and action oriented and designed to ensure delivery of the value identified through the consulting engagement.

Our real estate consultancy stretches to the decisions of right locations to buy properties and right time to sell properties. In essence, we provide a complete consultancy so that real estate decisions always align with the requirements and capacities of those all associated with us in any capacity.