Sasha Group is not only a consortium of companies, but an invaluable heritage that has been an active participant in the growth of the Nation. This group has been on the forefront of changes in societal aspects like Education, and Real Estate. For years, it has tirelessly served the Nation through generation of ideas, ideologies and wisdom, and it's still flying high with the same zeal.

At present, Sasha Infratech Pvt Ltd, one of four companies of the group, enjoys a decade long market experience for its excellence of real estate. From underwriting the projects of reputed builders to undertaking contract-basis construction for government departments to Paramilitary Forces to develop new projects across Nation - the company is doing the Nation proud.

Another company of Sasha Group - Sasha Educational and Welfare Society - has more than a decade of experience in the pious sector of education. The company aims, and continuously strives to help and support poor and marginalized people in those areas of Uttar Pradesh which are largely considered under privileged community. The Society is already running a school in Rampur (U.P.) and plans to open more in the coming days.

Another company of the group - Sasha Enterprises - leverages on its two decades of experience as a supplier. As of now, it has successfully been supplying essentials to various Government departments and Paramilitary Forces, like Automobiles, Hosiery, Medicines, Furniture, Electronic Goods, Fire Fighting Equipments, Sports Goods etc.

Sasha Consultancy, an arm of Sasha group, is in financial and real estate consultancy domain to help buyers, sellers and investors for all their needs. This company guides on every investment aspects to ensure the best of returns to the investors at large.

In overall, Sasha Group has diversified its interests into areas that have a direct bearing to the cause of the Nation. For about three decades, it has been steadfast in its endeavors to contribute in whatever way possible to see the Nation grow in ideal sense. Even today, it continues with its mission, and by the support of the very people, it's flying high.